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Let me be your silver lining

Love, I do not want to see you sad, but I’m afraid that I cannot, I can’t prevent what lies ahead, the way that nature plays it’s games… so let me tell you just in case:

do not give up or lose your way,
for I intend to play the game,
and without you it won’t make sense,
so stick along and let me say,

when you get sad… don’t be afraid,
cause when you tremble, I’ll hold you stable.
I’ll kiss your tears, and kill your fears,

and when you cry, I’ll ask you why,
and show you how a kiss can shine
I’ll make you feel the love inside
for all I want is to make you bright
the brightest light thats ever shined

I’ll stop the waves, and take the thunder,
I’ll hold you tight and make you calmer,
I’ll stop the time and show you wonder.

So babe,
let me be the rock at sea,
The one that’s strong and never crumbles,
I’ll take your pain with every wave,
I’ll hear your echoes through my veins,
for there is nothing else I’d rather,
than live and die inside your waters.

- David Blair Santos

I don’t ever want to see you sad… 

Alan Alda: A Niagara of Wit Falls Silent
Can we turn the loss of this artist we loved so much into something that pushes back against the ravages of despair?
Within minutes we were telling one another he was gone. His genius, that had burned so hot, was cold, and the whole country felt the chill at once.
For years, we had watched with awe as a Niagra of wit poured from his unconscious. Where did that manic waterfall of funny have its source?
And where did his fearlessness come from? The night that he and Jane Fonda and I hosted the Academy Awards show together, he kept coming up with outrageous jokes in the wings. But before he went out on stage, he seemed to be using me as his taste monitor. He would think of a line and say, “Is that too tasteless?” Invariably, I’d say, “Yes, it’s too tasteless,” and invariably he’d go on stage, say the line and kill with it.
Unfortunately, sometimes the mind that runs so fast it can’t keep up with itself also has its down time. I didn’t know he suffered from depression, although it doesn’t surprise me. But it makes me want to do something.
I hope it makes us all want to do something.
While the whole country, and much of the world, feels this moment of sadness at his death, can we turn the loss of this artist we loved so much into something that pushes back against the ravages of despair?
Can we educate one another to recognize the early signs of depression? Can we make it clear to one another how dangerous it is? We all know now that drunk driving kills. But, when I looked up the numbers, I was astonished. Each year there are more than twice as many suicides attributed to depression as deaths on the road due to alcohol.
Maybe our grief can be transformed into an awakening. The man who enriched our lives could be the focus of saving countless other lives. Robin Williams could be with us a little longer.
From my partner @marseelee
(by The Top Hat Bandit)